Impactful Change.

Rootcha is wholeheartedly committed to manufacturing premium dietary supplements to a higher standard of transparency and integrity. We believe meaningful change in the industry begins with four key commitments:


We will never add potentially harmful or suspect fillers, binders, flow agents, artificial
colorings, or preservatives. That means NO Carrageenan; Titanium Dioxide; Parabens; Magnesium Stearate; or Dicalcium Phosphate; etc, in any of our products, ever.

1. We will never add potentially harmful or suspect
excipients or ingredients.

We chose to walk the harder path by refusing to use potentially harmful excipients. We do this while still ensuring accurate and consistent dosages. We believe that there’s always a better way, and maintain that our first priority as a company, is to elevate wellness over profit margin. We renew this commitment to our customers on every bottle we ship.

2. We will never sacrifice efficacy of absorption when adding value to our supplements. We are rethinking multivitamins.

We understand the value and convenience of taking multiple essential supplements at once. Especially if the benefits are synergistic and compounding. What we will never do is sacrifice form and subsequent efficacy of absorption in order to add value.

  • 350 mg  of Magnesium (Tolerable Upper Limit)
  • 420 mg of Magnesium  (RDA for Men over 30) 
  • 320 mg of Magnesium (RDA for Women over 30) 
  • 133-266 mg Rootcha’s Magnesium Citrate Serving Size

3. We are committed to responsible dosages.

Rootcha is committed to manufacturing supplements that provide measurable benefits when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet. They are meant to be just that, supplemental. Because the industry is largely unregulated, dietary supplements are available in dosages that may result in negative or uncomfortable side effects. We believe in quality of ingredients over quantity, with supplements formulated to be effective, but to never exceed the National Institute of Health’s recommended tolerable upper limit.

4. We are 100% committed to label accuracy, product purity, and unprecedented transparency.

Every single batch of supplements is third-party tested with results made publicly available at Rootcha.com & on third party testing site Labdoor.com. Products are tested for contaminants like heavy metals, and label accuracy for unprecedented transparency.

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