Fully-Reacted Magnesium & Chelated Zinc Complex
Fully-Reacted Magnesium & Chelated Zinc Complex
Fully-Reacted Magnesium & Chelated Zinc Complex
Fully-Reacted Magnesium & Chelated Zinc Complex
Fully-Reacted Magnesium & Chelated Zinc Complex
Fully-Reacted Magnesium & Chelated Zinc Complex

Fully-Reacted Magnesium & Chelated Zinc Complex

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Restore essential minerals, and nutritionally support processes that benefit deep restful sleep, immune health, and recovery after exercise.*

  • 120 Capsules, 60-120 Servings
  • Formulated with ultra-bioavailable zinc picolinate and fully-reacted magnesium citrate.*
  • Promotes relaxation, and helps calm an overactive mind before bed.*
  • Helps improve your quality of sleep naturally, without hormones like melatonin, so you wake up feeling rejuvenated.*
  • Promotes recovery after strenuous exercise.*
  • Nutritionally supports holistic immune health when taken daily.* 
  • Gentle forms in meaningful dosages.*
  • Hormone and excitotoxin free.

Key Ingredients
Magnesium & Zinc

Ingredient Amounts

 1 Capsule  2 Capsules

133 mg of elemental magnesium

(derived from 873 mg of magnesium citrate)

266 mg of elemental magnesium

(derived from 1746 mg of magnesium citrate)

5 mg of elemental zinc

(derived from 27 mg of zinc picolinate)

10 mg of elemental zinc 

(derived from 54 mg of zinc picolinate)

Other Ingredients
Vegetable Capsule (Hypromellose)
Organic Rice (Hull) - Used to ensure accurate dosage.
Magnesium Oxide - Trace amounts of sea salt derived magnesium oxide.

Capsule Size: 7/8 inches or 22.2 millimeters

To supplement a healthy diet: we recommend 1 capsule daily, or as recommended by your health professional.

For supporting quality sleep, recovery after strenuous exercise, and immune support: try 2 capsules daily, in the evening.*

Other considerations: Chronic Stress; Caffeine; Alcohol; Proton Pump Inhibitors; Statin Therapy; and Regular Cardiovascular Exercise can contribute to Magnesium & Zinc deficiencies.*

Although this is a gentle formulation, for those who have had adverse reactions to mineral supplements in the past, try 1 capsule daily, in the evening to start.

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Form matters.

Why fully-reacted magnesium citrate?

We chose magnesium citrate because it outperformed other forms in one of the only bioavailability studies looking at daily supplementation, including amino acid chelates.*

Not dry-mixed, our non-GMO, sea salt-derived magnesium complex goes through an additional process to ensure that it is fully reacted, gentle, and ideal for daily supplementation.*

Why chelated zinc picolinate?

Zinc picolinate is one of the most biocompatible, gentle, and easy-to-absorb forms of zinc. Our bodies naturally make zinc picolinate from L-Tryptophan.*

Two truly essential minerals.

What to expect?

Deep, restorative sleep—nix the grogginess.*

Magnesium and Zinc work together to nutritionally support processes that benefit deep, restful sleep.*

Take 1-2 capsules about 30 minutes before bed to help: calm an overactive mind; stay asleep longer; and wake up feeling refreshed.*

The best part? No grogginess in the morning. Carpe diem. Seize the day.*

Magnesium & Zinc and Sleep

More to give day two, hill two.*

Magnesium and Zinc work together to support recovery and repair processes integral to building lean muscle mass.*

Studies suggest magnesium citrate is one of the most bioavailable forms for replenishing magnesium levels in muscles.*

Magnesium & Zinc and Recovery After Exercise

A new routine for your foundational health.*

Magnesium is utilized in over 300 enzyme systems in the body.

Zinc is involved in about 100 enzyme systems, including those responsible for the expression of hundreds of our genes. 

Unlike some vitamins and minerals, dietary surveys suggest adults are likely not getting enough magnesium and zinc in their diets. 

Magnesium & Zinc & the Immune System

Two Truly Essential Minerals

We're clearing the air between you and your supplements.

We understand that any relationship worth having is built on trust.

Which is why every single batch of our products are third-party tested for both label accuracy and product purity.

Third-Party Certification
Magnesium and Zinc delivered without suspect extras.

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1200+ Ratings & Reviews on Amazon.com

On the vine.

One of the few supplements out there that ACTUALLY works!

I've been taking this supplement for a long time now ever since discovering it on Labdoor. This is a solid Zinc and Magnesium product that actually works. When I take it I notice deeper, more restful nights of sleep. And faster recovery times after workouts, and less muscle soreness.

These guys sell just one product, but it's a darn good one. 👍Keep it up Rootcha!

from Amazon.com


I actually absorbed these...

I actually got a sleepy and relaxed feeling. Whoa. I couldn’t believe it because I’ve tried so many other brands. I took it too early in the day my first time and it felt like I had taken a sleeping pill. I haven’t gotten that effect every time so I think that means my body has enough. I only take one a night now.

from Amazon.com

Arielle A.

My favorite ZMA supplement so far.

Writing this in December 2021, but as of now it's my favorite Zinc and Magnesium supplement. I've tried many. It's only 1 pill which is perfect at night since you don't really want to be swallowing a ton of pills before bed. Price is steep-ish but it's worth the quality in my opinion. I hope the supplier continues to offer this quality and as long as they do I'll continue to buy this brand. Very good.

from Amazon.com


I woke up feeling amazing

I took this before bed and woke up feeling better than i have in a while just after the first one!

from Amazon.com


Amazing product!!

I take Rootcha about an hour before bed and it helps my body to relax and easily fall asleep. Wonderful product.....I would highly recommend :)

from Amazon.com

Laura J.


We will never add harmful or suspect fillers, binders, flow agents, artificial colorings, or preservatives. That means NO Carrageenan; Titanium Dioxide; Parabens; Magnesium Stearate; or Dicalciam Phosphate; etc, in any of our products, ever.