Our Mission

Impactful Change.

Rootcha is wholeheartedly committed to manufacturing premium dietary supplements to a higher standard of transparency and integrity.

We believe meaningful change starts with four key commitments:

1. We will never add potentially harmful or suspect excipients or ingredients.

We chose to walk the harder path by refusing to use potentially harmful excipients, colorings, or preservatives. 

One of the biggest challenges we were proud to overcome was doing this while still ensuring accurate and consistent dosages.

We believe that there’s always a better way, and maintain that our first priority as a company, is to put your wellness first. 

We renew this commitment on every bottle we ship.

2. Premium bioavailable forms, synergistic formulas, in dosages designed to make a difference.*

 We're rethinking multi-supplements! 

We love adding value to our products with multi-ingredient formulas.  Especially when the benefits are compounding and synergistic. 

But we are committed to only include ingredients that can be present in a premium and potent dose and form.

Why? Because that's what we'd want out of a supplement.

3. We are committed to efficacious but responsible dosages, and prioritize gentle supplement forms.

Safety first, not an afterthought.

We formulate to be effective, but will never exceed the National Institute of Health’s recommended tolerable upper limit and always prioritize forms that are gentle and safe.*

4. We are 100% committed to label accuracy, product purity, and unprecedented transparency.

We're clearing the air between you and your supplements.

Every single batch of supplements is third-party tested with results made publicly available at Rootcha.com & on third-party testing site Labdoor.com.

Products are tested for contaminants like heavy metals, and label accuracy for unprecedented transparency.

Cheers to one less thing to worry about!

Check out your bottle's certificate of analysis:

Look Beyond the Label


Manufactured in a NPA GMP certified, NSF GMP registered, ISO 9001:2015 registered facility.



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Premium bioavailable essential minerals without the suspect extras.

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