Rootcha is here for the freethinkers, the label readers —

We were tired of reading supplement labels with a Clint Eastwood squint. We felt like we were never really sure what we were getting.

So, when we set out to develop our Essential Minerals Complex, we wanted something clean and potent, in forms the body could put to good use. We held the line with scientists and suppliers to rethink what an essential minerals supplement should have—and what it should not.

The result was everything we wanted in our first supplement. Something we felt good about taking.

the caretakers,

We like long, difficult paths to making supplements. The scenic route is winding, and it starts with refusing to use potentially harmful excipients, colorings, or preservatives.

One of the biggest challenges we were proud to overcome was doing this while still ensuring accurate and consistent dosages.

We're proud of the products we've put together with no suspect extras and responsible dosages below the National Institute of Health's recommended tolerable upper limits. So go ahead and give our labels a good hard squint—we want you to.

the change makers,

For us, rethinking supplements has always been about more than just combining great ingredients — it's about doing so in meaningful dosages. 

To do this we had to let go of the multivitamin and embrace the idea that less is more because the best forms can be too big to fit in a capsule.

By limiting our formula to two truly essential minerals magnesium and zinc, we could make a potent and pure formula using the best forms.

the answer seekers.

At Rootcha, genuine commitment to impactful change meant transparency beyond the supplement facts. We're happy to say that every batch of our products has been third-party certified by Labdoor, Inc. for both product purity and label accuracy.

Want to look beyond your label? Compare the lot number on the bottom of your bottle to our third-party testing results.

Rootcha is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and plastic use. We have taken the extra step to use glass bottles, no BPA or BPS about it.

We carbon offset all shipments of products purchased on and are committed to using only recyclable packaging, even the ink, and tape!

Pro tip: Separate the plastic lid from the bottle before recycling.

All products are manufactured in a NPA GMP certified, NSF GMP registered, ISO 9001:2015 registered facility.